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Becoming a published author is one of the most exciting journeys in life!

That’s why we love to work with authors who want to make an impact in this world.

We write books that heal, and our specialty is to guide authors through their sometimes difficult writing journey.

We can write your book for you as your Ghostwriter or with you as your Book Coach or Book Doctor.

How Does Cindy Tschosik Work with Authors?

Services for Authors

Our Writing, Coaching & Speaking Services

Writing is our genius. Leave your book writing to us and have more time to do your genius while your manuscript gets done and ready for your publisher! Plus, you get all the credit with your name on the cover! It’s a Win-Win!

You love writing! You want to draft your own manuscript, but it needs more development and polishing. The Book Doctor is ready for you now! Get the peace of mind you desire knowing that your book is in its best shape possible and ready for your publisher!

Our personalized group book coaching program is designed for authors who want to write their book with a professional writer and editor who will save you time, money, and mistakes. There is no time like the present to write your book! Let’s get writing!

As a professional speaker, Cindy teaches audiences how to write their book to advance their career and make an impact. Her comprehensive programs, “The A-Zs to Write, Market & Publish Your Book Now!” offers several tools for authors. Hire Cindy to Speak.

Writing a book can be difficult and overwhelming.

There are 7 Phases During a Book Writing Journey. You might be asking…

  • Where do I begin?
  • How will I find the time?
  • What does it entail?

We start by teaching you “The A-Zs to Write, Market & Publish Your Book Now!” so you know the entire process before you write the first word.
With this information, you’ll be able to make the best-fit decisions for your budget, schedule, and Book Writing Journey.

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Discover a
Clear Path

We untangle the complex book writing process, compose a clear message, and add extreme value to give your readers hope and tools to transform their lives.

Elevate Your

We intentionally listen to you, your stories, and plans in order to identify the best ways you can add extreme value for your readers and reach your book goals.

Receive Insightful and Compassionate Support

The SoConnected Team embraces your unique experiences, and we personally care about you, your story, and your readers.


We Are Your Go-To Book Writing Resource

SoConnected’s CEO, Cindy Tschosik has worked with dozens of authors to write their compelling, informative, instructional, and motivational books that propel readers to heal their minds and hearts so they can live the life they desire.

She writes for authors and with authors to plan and write their book. Cindy leads the charge to pinpoint the message, craft the content, and finalize the manuscript. Let’s get writing and begin to “Change, Save & Celebrate Lives One Story at a Time!”

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Authors Served

Psychology Professionals

Speakers, Coaches, Consultants & Trainers

Mental Health Influencers

Spiritual, Philosophical & Metaphysical Practitioners

Entertainment Professionals & Performing Artists

Executives & Entrepreneurs


Healthcare Workers & Caregivers

Finish Your Manuscript in 3 Steps

Deep-Dive Discovery & Strategy Session

With Cindy as your partner, together you will set goals for your book, career, and readers. We’ll map out topics, plan the structure, develop content, and add extreme value to benefit your readers.

Develop, Review & Approve Content

You’re never alone. With Cindy’s guidance, talents,  and thoughtful support, you will see your own story come to life as it is transferred to the pages of your book. 

Send a Well-Crafted Manuscript to Your Publisher

When we are finished with your manuscript, get ready to change, save, and celebrate lives by sharing your story with the world!

The key to Cindy's greatness is her ability to listen and get to know you and your business.

Alison Henderson, communications Consultant

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Share your hard-earned wisdom.

There’s a book inside you waiting to get out and help others overcome their struggles. Unfortunately, writing a book can be a long, lonely journey. Most new authors find the process overwhelming, get lost, and end up shelving their book without ever finishing it.

SoConnected’s ghostwritingbook doctoring, coachingpresentations, and online course will answer your questions, eliminate confusion, and transform your ideas into a finished manuscript that will inspire your readers to improve their professional and personal lives.

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Don't spend another week unfocused, unsure, and unproductive. We're ready to guide and support you through every step of your Book Writing Journey.

Clients Say...

“Working with Cindy is always a pleasure and joy, she is direct and to the point and very focused on her business, but she also likes to have fun. Cindy’s very positive and she has so much energy and passion for her work that she inspires me to work harder and do better in my own business and life.”

Samantha Dench

Esthetician, Spa Owner & Author of
"Skin Deep: Demystifying Skin Care Solutions to Achieve Healthy Glowing Skin"

“Cindy’s editorial talent is beyond awesome. Just like adding herbs while cooking, Cindy’s expertise enhanced the flavor of my written work… She knew when, where and which words, sentences, and paragraphs would be most impactful. And I love that Cindy got to know me, which helped my words shine even brighter for my readers!

Barbara Baron

"The Family Meals Dietician" & Co-Author of "Called to Lead"

“Cindy was generous with her time to provide feedback, both constructive and positive. She’s a good listener, knowledgeable on various aspects, and works diligently to meet time and budget constraints that a client may have. Our experience in partnering with Cindy was a positive one and we do not hesitate to recommend her.

Leen Ghandour

Group Insurance Benefits Consultant & Founder

As Your Book Strategist, We Strategize & Organize

As Your Ghostwriter,
We Write for You


As Your Book Doctor & Author Coach,
We Write with You

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