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SoConnected Isn't Just Our Name.
It's How and Why We Do Business.

If the true meaning of our trials, failures and successes is to share our stories with others, then doesn't that make each of our experiences more meaningful?

At SoConnected, we believe when we share our stories, we “Change, Save and Celebrate Lives” through the written word and the spoken word.

When we share our life stories and lessons, we become SoConnected. Through the sharing, we grant others the courage to advocate for themselves and take the next step towards their new Life Chapter. Then, they have the tools to advocate for another, and so on and so on.

And this is what it means to be SoConnected.

Meet CEO, Cindy Tschosik

Author Coach, Ghostwriter, Book Doctor, Mental Health Advocate, Speaker & Author

Cindy’s dream for retirement is to ghostwrite books on a beach. She doesn’t have the beach yet, but it will come!

As a nonfiction ghostwriter, book doctor, author coach and speaker, Cindy is the “Go-To Book Writing Resource” for authors who want to “Change, Save and Celebrate Lives One Story at a Time.” 

Many authors she works with publish books to expand their influence, accelerate their speaking career, become recognized as industry thought leaders, increase their revenue streams, and leave an impactful legacy. Together they write books to heal and inspire readers to overcome hardships, trauma, and challenges so they can build more fulfilling professional and personal lives.

Cindy brings more than 25 years of extensive experience from her various careers in as legal, IT, corporate, non-profit, marketing, entrepreneurship, writing and speaking. These careers provide Cindy with valuable insight which adds to the depth she offers her authors. Together, they find “extreme value” for the readers.

When Cindy is not behind the laptop writing, editing, or coaching authors, she is on-stage or screen teaching audiences how and why to write their book as she presents, “The A-Zs to Write, Market & Publish Your Book Now!” and “Mental Health Life Skills 101.”

Cindy consistently sharpens her pencil and speaking skills by belonging to Non-Fiction Authors AssociationAssociation of GhostwritersNational Speakers Association (NSA), and NSA – Illinois.

These associations have been integral in Cindy’s success because they keep her abreast of current trends and changes in the publishing, marketing, writing, and speaking industries so she can better serve her authors. For NSA, she currently serves on the NSA Power Women’s Leadership Committee and has held former positions for NSA Illinois as the Programming Chair, DEI Chair and Speaker’s Academy Co-Dean.

Cindy is currently writing her first full-length book, “The A-Z Guide to Write, Market and Publish Your Book Now!” which will accompany her Book Writing Online Course, Presentations and Workshops. You can sign up to receive the free “A-Z Book Checklist to Write, Market & Publish Your Book Now!” She is also the international best-selling co-author of Called to Lead: Success Strategies for Women.

For R&R, she regenerates her creativity with her fabulous family of five in the Chicago suburbs, travels, takes long nature hikes, “wines” with friends and snuggles with Roxie, her fur-baby book critic.

Is it time to write your book? Let’s Get Writing! Schedule a Book Chat today with Cindy.

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Rebecca Mulligan-Evola

Rebecca Mulligan-Evola

Marketing, Admin & Tech Manager

Rebecca Mulligan-Evola is our Marketing, Administrative & Tech Manager. She plans, preps, and executes our marketing initiatives, oversees scheduling and administrative needs, and researches and implements our tech solutions. Rebecca is instrumental to our success at SoConnected. 

Michelle Mitchell

Michelle Mitchell


Michelle Mitchell is the owner of Mitchell Business Services, Inc. For SoConnected, she manages our bookkeeping, invoicing, and reporting. Her attention to detail, organizational skills and endless patience ensure that every financial aspect of our projects is handled with insight and precision.

Olivia Shuster

Olivia Shuster

Jr. Writer / Editor

Olivia Shuster is an aspiring writer and is an excellent contributor to all projects as a junior writer and editor. Supervised by Cindy Tschosik, Olivia executes editing initiatives, assists with references and research. Olivia is an avid learner and always looking for ways to expand her knowledge and expertise.

Why Did Cindy Become a Ghostwriter?

Why Doesn't Cindy
Write Her Own Books?

Why Work With Cindy?

Authors are astonished at Cindy’s talents to capture their voice, translate industry language, tune into their readers’ needs, add extreme value, and craft their stories, lessons learned, and takeaways. 

Many authors have mentioned that they feel like they are in a therapy session because she is so focused on them and is a strong listener.

When you invite Cindy to be a member of your Book Team, she closely partners with you to guide you through your Book Writing Journey. 

She has a collaborative approach and is an excellent listener who hears your words and emotions. Cindy contributes suggestions when additional perspective or depth is needed to strengthen the content.

Cindy understands the importance of a well-written book that transforms lives. Her intuitive skills and empathic abilities sometimes guide her to know how people feel and what they need to know from their authors. 

Together, you will write your book to inspire, educate and empower readers to achieve their personal and professional goals – the true hallmarks of a well-written book that makes a difference in this world.

Book Proposal Testimonial by Joyce Marter LCPC, Author of “The Financial Mindset Fix”

Ghostwriting Testimonial by Matt Ward, Author of “The High Five Effect”

Book Doctoring Testimonial by Gina Graham LCSW, Author of “Body Beautiful”

Author Coaching Testimonial by Wendy Gates Corbett, Speaker on DEI & Belonging, Soon-To-Be Author

SoConnected LLC Established 2013 & Still Writing!

I Love SoConnected
Your Voice. Your Message. SoConnected.
So Connected and You
Your Books. Your Readers. SoConnected.
SoConnected Logo and Motto

In 2013, Cindy launched her business built on the services she loved most from her 25+ year career span. SoConnected LLC started as a full-service marketing agency. Services included website development, design and content, marketing strategy, initiatives, and execution, social media and digital advertising, and ghostwriting blogs, articles, case studies and marketing content. Her primary clients included therapists, speakers, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs. 

They say, “you begin to become the people you hang around with the most,” and this was true for Cindy when she worked with her speaker clients. Soon, she was bit by the “speaking bug,” joined National Speakers Association, in 2016 about Mental Health Life Skills.

It was then when Cindy was hired by two authors to work on their drafted manuscripts and offer deep dive developmental editing, line editing, structure analysis, and some ghostwriting which now are offered through her Book Doctoring Services.

Quickly, authors sought Cindy to ask questions and to work on their books. She always dreamed of ghostwriting books on the beach when she retired. Now, in 2018, many years before retirement, she transitioned her marketing clients to other vendors and began writing non-fiction books as a ghostwriter, developmental editor, author coach, and speaker. 

Cindy has worked with dozens of experts to become published authors. She has been honored to write many different nonfiction books of various genres including mental health diseases, business systems, psychology, mindset, health, family, caregiving, teaching memoirs (fka prescriptive) and others. 

Today, the majority of her work aligns with her mission to “Change, Save and Celebrate Lives One Story at a Time.” Together with her authors, they write books to heal and inspire readers to overcome hardships, trauma, and challenges so readers can build more fulfilling professional and personal lives.

Note: The images on the side are to show the transformation from our original brand to our current brand. It’s true, Cindy Loves SoConnected and looks forward to the future!

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