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Save Time, Money & Mistakes with an Author Coach!

Writing a book doesn’t have to be a lonely or confusing process when Cindy Tschosik is your Author Coach!

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Coaching for Authors who want to avoid mistakes and save time and money.

With Cindy as your Coach, you will always know what you need and be motivated to get your book done!

  • Learn how to write, market, and publish your book.
  • Receive optimum personalized support and feedback.
  • Follow efficient processes and writing schedules.
  • Meet weekly for accountability.
  • Get Your Book Done!

Writing a book can be lonely and overwhelming.

You’re ready to become a Published Author to share your story, and make a difference in your readers’ lives. You know what you want to write. You may even have a talent for writing, but the entire process and all the phases feel so big, so exciting, and so overwhelming.

  • Where do you begin?
  • How will you find the time?
  • What are all the phases to get the book written, edited, designed, marketed, and published and when do they happen?
No need to worry! We are with you every step of the way! 
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When Cindy Tschosik is Your Author Coach...

We Strategize, Plan & Schedule Your Writing on Your Terms

We Provide Optimum and Personalized Support & Feedback

We Teach, Motivate & Keep You Accountable


It's time to share your hard-earned wisdom.

There’s a book inside you waiting to get out and lead others to overcome their struggles. Unfortunately, writing a book can be a long, lonely journey. Most new authors find the process overwhelming, get lost, and end up shelving their book without ever finishing it.

SoConnected’s ghostwritingbook doctoringcoachingpresentations, and online course will calm your concerns and transform your ideas into a finished manuscript that will inspire others to change their professional and personal lives.

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Don't spend another week unfocused, unsure and unproductive. We're ready to guide and support you through every step of your Book Writing Journey.


We are Your Go-To Book Writing Team

SoConnected’s Cindy Tschosik has worked with dozens of authors to write their compelling, informative, instructional, and motivational books that propel readers to change their professional or personal lives and even heal their minds, bodies and spirits. She writes for authors and with authors, using her 25+ years of career experience to further develop their books that transform lives.

Cindy guides you to pinpoint your message and achieve your goals for your book, readers and career. She will inspire you tell your story—a story that will Change, Save, and Celebrate Lives One Story at a Time!

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Finish Your Manuscript in 3 Steps

Deep-Dive Discovery and Strategy Session

Kick-off the program with Cindy to map out your topics, stories, and structure to give wings to your message.

Develop, Review & Approve Your Content

With Cindy’s guidance, skill, and thoughtful support, enjoy crafting your book one chapter at a time.

Send a Well-Crafted Manuscript to Your Publisher

Get ready to Change, Save, and Celebrate Lives by sharing your story with the world.

Hire Cindy As Your

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Psychology Professionals

Speakers, Coaches, Consultants & Trainers

Mental Health Influencers

Spiritual, Philosophical & Metaphysical Practitioners

Entertainment Professionals & Performing Artists

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Ready, Set, Write! Your Author Coach is Ready!