Cindy Tschosik

Book Coach

Cindy Tschosik

Book Coach

Hybrid Writing & Editing Services
with Book Coach, Cindy Tschosik

Book Coach

Some authors want to write their own book and require advice, recommendations and reviews along the way. That’s when a Book Coach with Writing Support (Cindy) is the perfect Book Team Member!

For the following services, YOU pick the best fit for your project.

Discovery & Strategy Session

Scenario: You have a book concept and topic. You want to draft the manuscript yourself, but need help getting started.

No worries! Cindy will provide a full discovery session to map out the goals, needs and message of the book. Various research will be done to provide important data to make informed decisions. At the end of the sessions, the initial Table of Contents will be drafted for Author’s Use.

"Cindy's expertise enhanced the flavor of my written work!

- Barbara Baron
The Family Meals Dietitian®

Coaching Along the Way

Custom coaching built for your specific needs. Whether you need an accountability partner, a brainstorming strategy session or chapter reviews with developmental editing, editing or a bit of ghostwriting, Cindy is happy to coach you along the way and ensure you get to the finish line with the least amount of stress and burnout!

Developmental Editing

There are various levels of developmental editing services. Depending on your writing expertise will determine the level required.

In a coaching program, this service can be arranged for the entire manuscript or certain sections that need a little extra love.

"I am forever grateful for Cindy's
wise input on my proposal —
it was incredible!

- Joyce Brinkman Marter

Content Review

A second set of eyes is always a necessity for authors for flow, logical sense, clarity and more options. During our coaching sessions, requests for a content review are welcome.

Publishing & Marketing

Writing the manuscript marks the completion of the first of several phases. Most questions are asked about the publishing and marketing phases. Being a writer and involved in writing organizations for several years, and running her own marketing agency for five years, Cindy has terrific insight to both phases.

Coaching sessions can be Q&A format or “Tell All” format where I share everything I know about publishing and marketing. Suggested recommendations are offered upon request.

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