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The Book Doctor Is In!

Congratulations! You have done the work to complete the first draft of your manuscript. Now, it’s time to elevate and polish it with a Book Doctor. 

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What is a Book Doctor?

Congratulations! Your first drafted manuscript is complete!

It’s time to elevate, polish, and prepare it for your publisher!

When Cindy Tschosik is your Book Doctor, she brings all of her talents to you to elevate and polish your drafted manuscript. Book Doctoring is an in-depth and involved role that includes her talents of book strategy, content analysis, developmental editing, line editing, and ghostwriting. 

The best part? Cindy reviews your manuscript, tracks her recommended changes, and once you approve, she does the work for you!

As Your Book Strategist, We Strategize & Organize

As Your Ghostwriter,
We Write for You


As Your Book Doctor & Author Coach,
We Write with You

Authors Served

Psychology Professionals

Speakers, Coaches, Consultants & Trainers

Executives & Entrepreneurs

Spiritual, Philosophical & Metaphysical Practitioners

Entertainment Professionals & Performing Artists

Mental Health Influencers


Healthcare Workers & Caregivers

As Your Book Doctor, We...

Analyze Your Drafted Manuscript

We thoroughly review your manuscript to assess structure, organization, flow, grammar, punctuation, and value to your readers.

We Share Our Findings and Begin Edits

After our assessment, we walk through the findings and recommendations with you. Once we get your agreement, we will start implementing the edits, and submit updates to you for review and approval.  

We Review Once More for Your Approval

You’ll submit your final edits, and we will implement them. Once they are done, you review one more time for final approval. We finalize the manuscript, and it’s ready to transition to your Publisher of choice.

Don't spend another day worried about, "What do I do next?"
We're ready to guide and support you through the rest of your Book Writing Journey.


We Are Your Go-To Book Writing Resource

SoConnected’s Cindy Tschosik is known for writing books that heal. She has written for and coached dozens of authors to write and edit compelling, valuable and informative stories that evoke emotion, share lessons learned, and motivate readers to take action.

With 25+ years of writing experience, Cindy partners with you to pinpoint and achieve your goals for your book, career, and readers. Her specialty is to guide you to write the best book possible that will “Change, Save, and Celebrate Lives One Story at a Time.”

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Share your hard-earned wisdom.

Most new authors find the process overwhelming, get lost, and end up shelving their book without it ever being finished. This isn’t you! You are almost there! Let us lead you to the finish line as your Book Doctor.

At SoConnected, we will answer all your questions, and get you the resources you need. After your drafted manuscript, our passion is to work with you to elevate your content and polish the details so your book is ready for publishing and to “Change, Save & Celebrate Lives One Story at a Time!”

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The next Phase on your Book Writing Journey begins now. You’ll be one giant leap closer to the finish line!