Cindy Tschosik

Mental Health
Ghostwriter & Editor

Cindy Tschosik

Mental Health
Ghostwriter & Editor

Increase Your Credibility & Expand Career Opportunities When You Write Your Book with Mental Health Ghostwriter & Developmental Editor, Cindy Tschosik

The World is Waiting for Your Book!

Most people don’t know how to identify mental diseases, especially because they sneak into our lives like a “Silent Storm.” We move on with our lives until we spiral down or ramp up to where we notice something is “off.” Finally, we see the doctor and learn that we have been suffering through depression or anxiety this whole time.

Wait? What?

BUT YOU KNOW THIS ALREADY! As a professional in the mental health field or an influencer of mental wellness or an entertainment industry member who has survived mental disease(s), YOU KNOW THIS! You know the expert advice and the journey it takes to thrive during and after life with mental disease(s). People need you to share it with them, so they can live the life they deserve. And they want a book – your book – asap!

Cindy Tschosik knows this scenario very well, as she, too, has experienced mental diseases throughout her life, which led her to develop #lifeskills to survive and thrive through these moments in life. We all need to know these #lifeskills to recognize mental diseases in ourselves and others.  

We need YOU to teach us – WRITE THE BOOK… with Cindy as your Partner.

“This is perfection.
I can’t believe you
get me
this well!”

- A pleased author-client
in the entertainment industry

Ghostwriter, Editor

Authors are astonished at Cindy’s unique talents to translate industry language and disseminate their expertise, experiences, thoughts, and stories into digestible, enjoyable, and impactful chapters that fill the readers mind, heart, body, and soul resulting in more fulfilling and healthier lives.

When Cindy ghostwrites for her authors, her own experiences and hard-won victories can help drive the depth of your story further to give your readers additional value and understanding.

She gets it because she loves people, psychology and is an intuitive empath when it comes to knowing what people feel and need to know from her authors. Partnered with her authors, together, they educate, inspire, and empower readers with the life skills of knowledge, resources, and practices to achieve their goals in their professional and personal lives.

Which Writing Service Works Best for You?

You have THE PERFECT BOOK to write, and you might need some help along the way. Authors come to me when they

  1.  don’t have time,
  2. don’t like writing or
  3. don’t know how to make their story into a book that readers value.

When we work together, I support you in two ways.

  • First, as an advocate for you, to make sure we meet your objectives
  • Second, as an advocate for your reader, to make sure we find ways to provide “extreme value” to those who buy your book.

I’ve been writing articles, blogs, marketing content and books for years. Each author is unique and needs various levels of support.

- Do you need a “content counselor” who reviews and suggests changes?

- Do you need “Cindy Scissorhands” who rolls up her sleeves and digs in deep to produce a higher quality manuscript?

- Or do you need both?

I am as dedicated to your book as you. You’ll see this through my skills and talents, such as:

  • Attention to detail
  • Big picture thinking about your concept and topic through plans for how to benefit from having a book
  • Arrange, organize and strategize piles of writings
  • Creativity for storyline, sequence, persuasion and readability
  • Intuitive empath to identify additional valuable benefits for your readers
  • Analytical to strengthen the structure, tone, voice, benefits and outcome
  • Focused while cheering you on to the finish line

Whatever you need, from concept to final manuscript, we become partners to “download” the book in your head, polish your draft and develop the story. I’m your partner to support you through the entire journey.

"Cindy's editorial talent is beyond awesome! Just like adding herbs while cooking, Cindy's expertise enhanced the flavor of my written work for my chapter ABBONDANZA!!! Family. Food, Faith. in the book, "Called to Lead: Success Strategies for Women." She knew when, where, and which words, sentences, and paragraphs would be most impactful. And, I loved that Cindy got to know me which helped my words shine even brighter for my readers!"

Barbara Baron, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
The Family Meals Dietitian®

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