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Stop the Stigma Against
Mental Health Diseases

When we share our experiences and our stories with others, we truly have the opportunity to “Change, Save & Celebrate Lives One Story at a Time.” 

Cindy’s mission is to live this through the written and spoken word which is why she writes and edits mental health books and presents “Mental Health Life Skills 101 from the stage and screen. 

The more we share, the more we will all stop the stigma.  

First, Add These Lifelines to Your Speed Dial!

US National
Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Call or Text 988

Substance Abuse
& Mental Health Support

They Also use 988 – 

Call or Text

Worldwide Lifelines for Suicide Prevention 

in Every Country

Depression, Anxiety & Suicidal Ideations
Sneak Into Our Lives Like a Silent Storm

We have never been taught Mental Health Life Skills. We learn how to brush our teeth and cross the street, but we don’t know what anxiety feels like or depression looks like. We need to change that because both diseases sneak into our lives like a “Silent Storm.” There isn’t an emergency alarm to hear, so when it hits us, we just continue to move on with our lives until we spiral down or feel out of control. At some point, we may or may not notice something is “off.” Finally, we see the doctor and learn that we have been suffering through depression or anxiety this whole time. Wait? What? I’m depressed? That pit in my stomach is anxiety; it isn’t a tumor?

If you are a mental health professional or a survivor and thriver, you know this already! 

And now, it’s time to share your story, your expertise, your lessons learned, and to teach how to achieve and sustain mental wellness every day. 

Your readers are waiting for your book so they can learn how to live the life they deserve without struggling every day.

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Mental Health Ghostwriter, Author Coach 
& Book Doctor

Cindy Tschosik knows this scenario very well, as she, too, has struggled through mental health challenges. In fact, it was exactly what called her to live her mission to “Change, Save and Celebrate Lives One Story at a Time.”

If you don’t know how to start writing your book, Cindy will take you step by step before you even write the first word. 

Why does she write about mental health? Cindy knows and understands how difficult it is to live moment to moment with mental health challenges. She shares her story with people because she cares so deeply for them and wants to help improve other people’s lives. The more we share, the more we talk about it, the more we right about it, the better chance we have to #stopthestigma.

When she partners with self-help and mental health professionals, together, they educate, inspire, and empower readers with the life skills of knowledge, resources, and practices to achieve and sustain mental wellness every day.

We need YOU to teach us – WRITE THE BOOK – with Cindy as your Partner.

Mental Health Life Skills 101

Authors are astonished at Cindy’s unique talents to translate industry language and disseminate their expertise, experiences, thoughts, and stories into digestible, enjoyable, and impactful chapters that fill the readers mind, heart, body, and soul leading to more fulfilling and healthier lives.

“Cindy is a writing visionary genius. I am so grateful for her talent and vision, especially her ability to take a concept beyond what is expected! I hired her to be my strategic book editor and our relationship morphed into so much more. Her marketing background lent its expertise to my overall business and brand, helping me craft my brochure of service offerings to editing my non-fiction book. Cindy’s natural ability to perfect a storyline is unmatched. She also aided in my vision to further bring my characters and their stories to life to make a difference in the world while fulfilling a true calling I’ve always envisioned for myself. She is making my dreams a reality, one book at a time.”
Gayle Keller
Author of Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead, Chief Reinvention Officer & Professional Speaker

Mental Health Speaker

Spectrum of Depression

Symptoms of Depression

What if . . . your attendees learned Mental Health Life Skills 101 at your next event?
How would their life change? How about the lives of their loved ones or their co-workers? Signficant change to take better care of mental health makes an enormous impact in life and at work.

When Cindy presents, she shares her experiences and hard-won victories to educate, inspire, and empower audiences with the life skills of knowledge, resources, and tools to achieve and sustain mental wellness every day.

Through the sharing of her personal stories, struggles and successes with mental health, Cindy connects with her audiences as if she were their friend next-door, giving them the spark of light and hope they need to tackle their own struggles. Attendees learn to recognize key indicators in themselves, their teams, and their loved ones and take action to live a life without mental health struggles.



When we all know these vital life skills, we all win with healthier lives, workplaces, and families.

Isn’t that the change you want to evoke in your life, your company, your community, and your family?

Objectives for
"Mental Health Life Skills 101"

Recognize the SYMPTOMS of mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideations.

Follow the roadmap to SOLUTIONS and know when it’s time to seek help.

Gain courage with SOUNDBITES of what to say when asking for help or offering help to others.

Practice four daily “Mental Health Checks.”

Build your own “Mental Wellness Toolkit.”

Your attendees will be empowered to know they can step beyond the struggle and live a life that is more enjoyable, productive, and fulfilled when they engage in a candid conversation and experience the 360-degree view of someone who has been there, done that, survived and is still thriving because of self-realized daily practices, that they, too, can adopt in their everyday life.

How to Ask for Help When You Can't Be Alone

Mental Health
Life Skills 101 (30 minutes)

I highly recommend bringing Cindy Tschosik to speak to your group on Mental Wellness Check for Leaders. She wowed, educated, and gave our Connects Group at NAWBO Chicago pause on so much to think about as leaders. Due to Cindy's wisdom and heart for sharing and educating us on this tough topic, our leaders will be more mindful to see triggers in their own selves AND will have more courage to check in on their friends and fellow leaders.
Sue Harrawood, President
Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance
NAWBO Chicago Board of Directors
Co-Chair of NAWBO Chicago West/South Connects

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