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Mental Wellness

Cindy Tschosik

Mental Wellness

Vital Life Skills to Achieve & Sustain Mental Wellness
with Professional Speaker, Cindy Tschosik

"What? I'm depressed? How?
I have a house, a great husband and great children, food, clothing, and a roof. What do I need to be depressed about?"


The above quote is a common reply when people find out they are depressed. A lot of us have depression and/or other mental health challenges. Mental diseases can sneak into our lives without us recognizing what’s happening to us. We often associate the difficult moods, chronic pain, and behavior changes to be “our new norm.” That is, until we spiral down or ramp up so much so that we realize we finally need to see our doctor. Then, it takes so long to get back to neutral.

Your Speaker, Cindy Tschosik, has "been there, done that," and now refers to those experiences as "opportunities." Why? Because they invited her to get to know herself better, made her realize she didn't have to struggle, and inspired her to take better care of herself. Most importantly, they have allowed her to share her learnings, lessons, and hard-won victories with others.

Right this minute...

  • more than two in five adults are struggling with depression or anxiety. That’s 50% of adults in the United States.

  • reported that in 2019, 12 million adults had serious thoughts of suicide, 3.5 million adults made suicide plans, and unfortunately, 1.4 million adults attempted suicide. (1)

  • And we are all aware that since the Pandemic started in 2020, there has been a significant increase in depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and unfortunately, suicide.

SO many people suffer every minute, hour, day, week, month, year, and it’s because we don’t have the #lifeskills to recognize mental disease in ourselves or others. Once each one of us know the “Symptoms, Solutions & Soundbites,” we can help ourselves and others. We have learned life skills to:

  • brush our teeth
  • learn to look both ways to cross the street
  • take medicine for health issues
  • know the symptoms of a heart attack
  • much, much more

AND we need to know the #lifeskills to recognize mental diseases. You, Your Teams and Your Event Attendees need to learn the #lifeskills to achieve and sustain mental wellness every day.

When we all know these vital life skills, we all win with healthier lives, workplaces and families.

Isn’t that the change you want to evoke in your life, your company, your community, your family?

What if… we learned the #mentalwellness #lifeskills we needed right now, today, at the next internal, board, annual, special interest group meeting, the next lunch, next anything, really?

When Cindy presents, she shares her experiences and hard-won victories to educate, inspire and empower audiences with the life skills of knowledge, resources, and tools to achieve and sustain mental wellness every day.

Audiences see and feel a spark of light, hope and A-HA’s as she shares tangible and practical insight through real-life stories, humor, practical lessons and a non-clinical perspective, Cindy arms your teams and audiences with lifesaving life-skills:

1. Recognize the SYMPTOMS of mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideations.

2. Follow the roadmap to SOLUTIONS and when it’s time to seek help.

3. Gain courage with SOUNDBITES of what to say to ask for help or offer help to others.

4. Practice four daily “Mental Health Checks.”

5. Build your own “Mental Wellness Toolkit.”

Cindy has been hailed for sharing different perspectives
and thanked for saving lives and hearts.

Your attendees will be empowered to know they can step beyond the struggle and live a life that is more enjoyable, productive, and fulfilled when they engage in a candid conversation and experience the 360-degree view of someone who had been theredone thatsurvived and is still thriving because of self-realized daily practices, that they, too, can adopt.

"I highly recommend bringing Cindy Tschosik to speak to your group on Mental Wellness Check for Leaders. She wowed, educated, and gave our Connects Group at NAWBO Chicago pause on so much to think about as leaders. Due to Cindy's wisdom and heart for sharing and educating us on this tough topic, our leaders will be more mindful to see triggers in their own selves AND will have more courage to check in on their friends and fellow leaders."

Sue Harrawood, President
Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance
NAWBO Chicago Board of Directors
Co-Chair of NAWBO Chicago West / South Connects

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Available on virtual or in-person platforms as keynotes, presentations, breakouts or workshops. Custom combinations available upon request.

Connect the Dots to Mental Wellness for You, Your Team & Your Loved Ones

60 or 90-minute format

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Be the Friend Next Door to Yourself, Your Teams, and Your Loved Ones

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The 5 Phases of a "Sneaky Silent Storm"

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Mental Wellness Presentation Topics

Connect the Dots to Mental Wellness for You, Your Team & Your Loved Ones

Available in Both Virtual and In-Person Formats

Cindy Tschosik “Connects the Dots to Mental Wellness with the Symptoms, Solutions and Soundbites” of mental health challenges, so attendees can recognize these key indicators in themselves their teams, and their loved ones and take action to live a life without mental health struggles.

Through the sharing of personal stories and hard-won victories, participants feel a spark of light and hope as Cindy engages and interacts with the audience to increase the comfort level of having, what she calls, “The Backyard Conversation.”

Additionally, attendees will be equipped to implement the knowledge, practices and tools offered to take steps to achieve and sustain their own daily mental wellness.


  1. Present the “Roadmap to the Symptoms, Solutions & Soundbites” of mental health issues
  2. Illustrate the Five Phases of incoming mental health challenges.
  3. Review options for health and treatments.
  4. Demonstrate on how to “Be the Friend Next Door and Have a Backyard Conversation.”
  5. Build a “Mental Wellness Toolkit.”


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