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"Change, Save & Celebrate Lives One Story at a Time" through the written and spoken word.


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For nine years, Cindy has worked side-by-side with professionals who desire to elevate their credibility, expand career opportunities and become recognized as thought leaders in their profession by becoming published authors.



As a ghostwriter, book doctor, and author coach, Cindy makes sure you are well-informed about the entire book writing process before you even write the first word! You will understand the entire process from A-Z and will be able to make the best decisions for your Book Writing Journey.


When Cindy is not typing away writing and editing books, she is coaching authors or  speaking  on-stage or on-screen sharing “The A-Zs to Write, Market & Publish Your Book Now!” Periodically, she also presents “Mental Health Skills 101 to Achieve and Sustain Mental Wellness.”




Over the past six years, Cindy has worked with dozens of authors in various roles in their Book Writing Journey. We invite you to take a peek below at some of her work where she has been honored to be on these authors’ Book Teams.


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(Permission from authors has been received to showcase their book and testimonial for this Portfolio.)

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How Does Cindy
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Clients Say...

Samples of Cindy's Work

(shared with authors’ permission)

Role: Developmental Editor for Book Proposal Accepted by Major Publisher


The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life by Joyce Marter, LCPC

Cindy Tschosik fine-tuned a book proposal I had been working on for over a year. She reorganized it, reformatted it and brilliantly brought clarity and sparkle to my message. Cindy helped my voice come through more powerfully in the proposal, and we had fun along the way! Cindy is intelligent, reliable, hardworking professional and also a kind and compassionate person. I highly recommend working with Cindy!”

 – Joyce Marter, LCPC, Author of The Financial Mindset Fix, CEO, National Public Speaker, Media Contributor


Case Study

The author’s agent sent the original proposal to 20 publishers, and all said “no.” I worked closely with Joyce to produce an entirely new book proposal. The agent said, “Joyce, this is an entirely different book!” She sent it to 20 original publishers, plus 20 more. The client received six offers, narrowed it down to two for negotiations. Joyce was published with Sounds True on July 27, 2021!

Joyce Marter | The Financial Mindset Fix | A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life

Role: Ghostwriter

 The High 5 Effect: How to Do Business with People Who Bring You Joy by Matt Ward

Cindy Tschosik was my book strategist and did a lot of writing. My thoughts aren’t very organized. I am a scatterbrain when it comes to organizing content, and Cindy was very organized, clear and concise. She is excellent at putting concepts, plans and processes together in a workable way for my readers. I had a number of different ideas, but they were fragmented. Cindy brought an immense level of creativity to find different ways to engage the reader and give them practical solutions that are easy for the reader to grasp. That was key for me. She worked closely with me, and she pushed me to dig deeper and bring clarity to difficult concepts.

I also like that she kept other aspects about my business in mind as she wrote the book so it would complement my keynote. If she has an idea, she gives you the idea and she is not offended if you don’t take it. I love working with partners and vendors in that way. But what I love most about working with Cindy on this book as she wrote it, was that she had a vested interest in this project. She is fun to work with and she produces great work. So, for me, it was a Win! Win! Win! I would highly recommend Cindy Tschosik for whatever project you might have related to your book, whether it is strategy or whether it is actually writing the book for you. I can’t recommend her enough! 

– Matt Ward, Author of The High 5 Effect, Owner of Breakthrough Champion & Professional Speaker

The High 5 Effect | How To Do Business With People Who Bring You Joy | Matt Ward

What is a Ghostwriter & Why Do I Need One?

Role: Strategic Book Editor

Body Beautiful: How Changing the Conversation about Our Bodies has the Power to Change the World Words & Photos by Gina Graham, LCSW

I am a first time author who had the incredible honor and privilege to work with Cindy Tschosik in writing my first book and it was very nerve-racking for me to start this process because I had no idea what I was doing. Cindy was just such a pro the entire way through from the first moments that we sat down to talk about my book, I felt so incredibly heard and supported and validated. Cindy was just such an incredible wealth of information on navigating the whole process of how to publish a book and for contacts and resources, different things I needed to keep in mind in and be aware of from day one. She is so passionate about what she does. So, I can't recommend Cindy enough. I loved working with her and the whole publishing team that she sent me up with was phenomenal. I had such an incredible experience as a first-time author, and I wish you well on your own journey with Cindy. 

– Gina Graham, LCSW, Author of Body Beautiful, Private Therapy Practice Owner & Professional Speaker

Body Beautiful by Gina Graham
Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead: Triumphant Tales for Working Women to Overcome Adversity, Fear, and Self-Doubt by Gayle Keller
Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead: Triumphant Tales for Working Women to Overcome Adversity, Fear, and Self-Doubt by Gayle Keller

“Cindy is a writing visionary genius. I am so grateful for her talent and vision, especially her ability to take a concept beyond what is expected! I hired her to be my strategic book editor and our relationship morphed into so much more. Her marketing background lent its expertise to my overall business and brand, helping me craft my brochure of service offerings to editing my non-fiction book. Cindy’s natural ability to perfect a storyline is unmatched. She also aided in my vision to further bring my characters and their stories to life to make a difference in the world while fulfilling a true calling I’ve always envisioned for myself. She is making my dreams a reality, one book at a time.”

– Gayle Keller, Author of Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead, Chief Reinvention Officer & Professional Speaker

Role: Book Doctor (In-Depth Developmental Editor)

Skin Deep: Demystifying Skin Care Solutions to Achieve Healthy, Glowing Skin by Samantha Dench
Skin Deep: Demystifying Skin Care Solutions to Achieve Healthy, Glowing Skin by Samantha Dench

“Cindy Tschosik helped me write my first book. Working with Cindy is a pleasure and joy. She is direct and to the point and very focused on her work and also likes to have fun. She is very positive and has so much energy and passion for her work that she inspires me to work harder and do better in my own business and life. She is a true leader and inspiration.”

– Samantha Dench, Author of Skin Deep, Owner of Skin Deep Illinois & Licensed Esthetician

Holding Hope in Our Hands: A profound, true story to trust parental instinct, push for more options, live for a smile and never, ever give up! by Kristin Skenderi
Holding Hope in Our Hands: A profound, true story to trust parental instinct, push for more options, live for a smile and never, ever give up! by Kristin Skenderi
Everyone in life has a story that needs to be told. I eventually decided that mine was one that I needed to share with the world. When I decided to write my book, I knew I wanted an editor that could look at it with the compassion that it needed. After my first meeting with Cindy, I knew she was the one. She helped me bring my story to life. She was extremely easy to work with and took all of my thoughts and suggestions into consideration. We worked together and made a great team. Her incredible talent is shown throughout my book, and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.”
– Kristin Skenderi, Author of Holding Hope in Our Hands, Mom of Nixon, Her Superhero in Heaven, and Sweet Marina
From Jackass to Joy: Discovering the Art and Science of Love, Marriage and Blending Family by Nick Ryan

From Jackass to Joy: Discovering the Art and Science of Love, Marriage and Blending Family by Nick Ryan

I am extremely pleased with the response to my book, and I give a large part of the credit to Cindy Tschosik of SoConnected.  Her rearrangement of the stories and content helped make the book both a more enjoyable read and a more useful relationship building tool.

– Nick Ryan, Author of From Jackass to Joy, a husband, father, grandfather, community leader, business owner, speaker, philanthropist, friend and CEO of Marquette Companies

Role: Author Coaching

Soon-To-Be-Author, Wendy Gates-Corbett

For me, the biggest fears in writing a book were: how to figure out the structure, how can I find the time in my calendar, make and honor that time and how do I go about doing this. Cindy Tschosik’s incredible guidance and her Coaching Program were exactly what I've needed. Cindy's program created the structure I needed, incredible experts to help me figure out and jump over the biggest hurdles. 

Most importantly Cindy created a loving, caring, supportive framework within which I am writing my book. So, if you have a book inside you, but you are trying to figure out how to find the time to get it all done, if you are looking for guidance, looking for expertise, you need to look no further than Cindy Tschosik.


– Wendy Gates-Corbett, International Keynote Speaker, Belonging Researcher, Organization Consultant, Author

Roles: Speaker & Trainer

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