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Business Referrals &
Book Recommendations

Business Referrals

As we run our businesses, we can’t possibly do it alone. After nine years in business, I am grateful to be able to rely on the really wonderful people listed below. If you are looking for their services, I highly recommend them. It takes a village to raise children and raise our businesses to the next level!

Anne Marie Craighead
AMC Accounting Solutions
Offices in Illinois, Florida

Amy Jorgensen Kain
KK&J Law


Michelle Mitchell
Mitchell Business Systems

Pegine Echevarria

Kathleen Caldwell
Caldwell Consulting 

Melissa Noto
Melissa Noto Design Studio


Gina DiPasquale Graham
Life, Love & Lens Photography

Nonfiction Authors Association

Association of Ghostwriters

Author’s Guild

National Speakers Association

National Speakers Association – Illinois


Austin Grammon & Taylorr Payne

Zoho Setup, Online Course – Zoho Trainer Central, Store – Zoho Commerce, Zoho Chatbot, Download & Subscribe Forms, Email Series Campaigns and “Behind the Scenes” processes and operations.

Amy Garelick 
Power Up Video

Promotional, Online Course, Keynotes, Presentations + Photography

Emilie Anne Davis
LinkHouse Consultants

Jon Skinner & Greg Whitehead
InConcert Web Solutions

Book Recommendations

I highly recommend the following books for your own personal and professional development. Please note that this list is not a list of all the books I’ve worked on. Some I have; some I haven’t. This is simply a collection of those I believe you may find helpful in your life and business, as I did mine. 

(Disclaimer: Affiliate and referral programs may or may not be arranged for some products and services on this site. However, any potential fees paid to SoConnected have no influence or bearing on my recommendations which are merely offered as a kind gesture for all those who have been instrumental in my business and who are really good people.