Cindy Tschosik

Mental Wellness

Cindy Tschosik

Mental Wellness

"What? I'm depressed? How?
I have a house, a great husband and great children, food, clothing, and a roof. What do I need to be depressed about?"


The above quote is a common reply when people find out they are depressed. A lot of us have depression and/or other mental health challenges. Mental diseases can sneak into our lives without us recognizing what’s happening to us. We often associate the difficult moods, chronic pain, and behavior changes to be “our new norm.”

Cindy has "been there, done that," and now refers to those experiences as "opportunities." Why? Because they invited her to get to know herself better, made her realize she didn't have to struggle, and inspired her to take better care of herself. Most importantly, they have allowed her to share her learnings, lessons, and hard-won victories with others.

Your attendees will be empowered to know they can step beyond the struggle and live a life that is more enjoyable, productive, and fulfilled when they engage in a candid conversation and experience the 360-degree view of someone who had been there, done that, survived and is still thriving because of self-realized daily practices, that they, too, can adopt.

Mental Wellness Presentation Topics

Connect the Dots to Mental Wellness for You, Your Team & Your Loved Ones

Available in Both Virtual and In-Person Formats

Cindy Tschosik “Connects the Dots to Mental Wellness with the Symptoms, Solutions and Soundbites” of mental health challenges, so attendees can recognize these key indicators in themselves their teams, and their loved ones and take action to live a life without mental health struggles.

Through the sharing of personal stories and hard-won victories, participants feel a spark of light and hope as Cindy engages and interacts with the audience to increase the comfort level of having, what she calls, “The Backyard Conversation.”

Additionally, attendees will be equipped to implement the knowledge, practices and tools offered to take steps to achieve and sustain their own daily mental wellness.


  1. Present the “Roadmap to the Symptoms, Solutions & Soundbites” of mental health issues
  2. Illustrate the Five Phases of incoming mental health challenges.
  3. Review options for health and treatments.
  4. Demonstrate on how to “Be the Friend Next Door and Have a Backyard Conversation.”
  5. Build a “Mental Wellness Toolkit.”


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