Have you ever wanted to write a book, but you don’t like writing?

Did you know that there are professional writers called “ghostwriters”?

Do Not Be Afraaaiiidddd of the Friendlyyyyy Ghostwriter!

Hiring ghostwriter seems scary to some, but it definitely doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, professional ghostwriters partner with you to make writing your book easier!

7 Friendly Tips To Work with A Ghostwriter

1. You’re afraid that the ghostwriter’s voice won’t sound like yours.

Professional, skilled and experienced ghostwriters are talented in this area because that is why we become ghostwriters. Think of an actor who has to become a character. We all have our own processes to learn your voice. During my Discovery and Strategy process with you, I dive deep to know who you are so I can learn your voice, pace, passion, and vernacular. What I like best about this process is connecting to your heart because that’s where the “sweet” treats are held. That’s where I find your unique message and the extreme value you can offer in your book to inspire your readers.  

2. You’re afraid that your readers will find out you didn’t “write it.”

You DID write it. You DID say it. It’s all your content. Ghostwriters are the “tool” you work with to get it out of your head and onto the pages. Once the Discovery and Strategy Phases are complete, the next part is chapter development. A ghost can’t develop chapters without you, so it’s 100% your original work. That is, if you didn’t copy it from someone else.

3. I don’t know where to begin!

That’s okay! Depending on the services a ghostwriter offers, they can help you tackle piles of drafts, research, content, videos, binders, and more to narrow down the information relevant to the current book. In the strategy, they will help you organize your thoughts and your outline.

4. What do I share with a ghost?

I like to see and know everything my author has in their possession about the book concept from previous drafts, to keynote presentations, videos, blogs, sketches, audio tapes, journal entries and more. The first reason is so we don’t leave anything out that might be important. The second reason is to get to know more about your topic, your writing and speaking style and voice.

5. How do I share everything that’s in my head?

Ghosts may do it differently. I offer three ways.

6. Who owns my work, word and content?

YOU! All of the content is original to YOU. You probably already know that many famous authors use ghostwriters – and here’s why their audience doesn’t care: because the content is so good. They repeatedly buy their books and devour them because the essence of the book is what they’re after. Having someone help you organize all of your wonderful ideas and put it on paper just helps you speed things up so you can write the next book!

7. Whose name goes on the book?

YOURS. Your name is the only byline on the book, unless you co-author with someone.  If you find you are relying on your ghostwriter to do a lot of the research and work and want to give them credit, they can be added as a “with” line… So,
“Casper Cleary
with Cindy Tschosik”  

This is a rare arrangement, though. Ghosts can be recognized in your acknowledgement section of your book without the ghost title, if you wish.

Now, that’s not so scary, is it? What other questions do you have? If you are serious about writing a book to be published in 2023, let’s have a “Book Chat” to answer the rest of your questions.

I promise, I won’t “BOO” you! I just may be the friendliest ghostwriter you’ll ever meet – Ha!

In fact, there are several ways to work with me:

– Author Coach – Personal & Group Programs

– Ghostwriter

– Developmental Editor

– Book Doctor

– Book Strategy Consultant

-“Write Your Perfect Book Group Coaching Program”

If a book is in your future, don’t be scared! “Book” Cindy today for a 15-minute special inquiry “Book Chat!”

Looking forward to learning about your Booooooook!

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