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Wash Your Face.
Brush Your Teeth.
Check Your Mental Health.

How many times a day do we check our mental health? Once? Twice? Five Times? Do we even know how to check our mental health? Most of us don’t.

Mental Health Diseases often sneak upon us without us knowing it. Suddenly, we believe it’s our “new norm,” and we don’t realize we are in the middle of the “Silent Storm.” What’s worse is that we don’t realize that it has robbed us of our “normal selves.”

Right this minute, more than two in five adults are struggling with depression or anxiety. That’s 50% of adults in the U.S. reported that in 2019, 12 million adults had serious thoughts of suicide, 3.5 million adults made suicide plans, and 1.4 million adults attempted suicide.

And we are all aware that since the Pandemic started in 2020, there has been a significant increase in depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and unfortunately, suicide.

Yes, it’s depressing. However, I’m happy to report that there is lots of good news! Courageous people, like you, are stepping forward to use your expertise and platforms to increase awareness and #stopthestigma. When we know more, we do more.

The more we talk about it and educate each other on mental diseases without making it depressing, the more we begin to normalize it, which means people can recognize it in themselves and others to get the treatment they need. Because we all deserve to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life!

It all starts with your brave first step to share your expertise and platform. Together, we will share what we know, so people all over the world can achieve and sustain mental wellness every day.


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Mental Wellness Speaker

Mental Health Ghostwriter

Mental Health
& Editor

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Speaking & Ghostwriting?
Why do both? 
How does that help your clients?

Cindy is a certified ghostwriter for mental health professionals, mental wellness influencers and members of the entertainment industry who have survived and thrived living through mental disease(s). Working with her authors provides ample opportunities to learn something new about mental health and wellness every single day. These experiences and insights provide more beneficial and relevant information for event attendees.

Additionally, as a professional speaker, Cindy presents #lifeskills about the “Symptoms, Solutions and Soundbites to Achieve and Sustain Mental Wellness” and “Be the Friend Next Door for Yourself, Your Teams and Your Loved Ones.” Through this work, she gets first-hand, front-line experience meeting people who are currently struggling or know someone who is, and they need help. She listens, empathizes, and suggests a “next step” based on her experience or the expert advice she has learned from her professional advisor who is a licensed clinical therapist and auditor of Cindy’s content. She is incredibly careful to leave the “advising” to the professionals.

Mental Wellness Speaker
Mental Health Ghostwriter & Editor

Let's Get SoConnected!

Why Cindy Tschosik?

When you work with Cindy Tschosik, you will feel as if she is “The Friend Next Door” because it’s easy to work with her, she is direct, kind, and funny. She always strives to provide tremendous value for her clients’ readers or members in the audience. To Cindy, building strong relationships are the foundation to owning a business, and when those clients become friends, it is the key to her success.

Cindy has been hailed for sharing different perspectives and thanked for saving lives and hearts for both her writing and speaking.


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Kind Words from Clients

“I attended Cindy's session at FAB women on mental health it was a breath of fresh air to hear her vulnerability and honesty. She spoke from the heart and that came across loud and clear throughout her session. You can tell she really has a passion for mental well-being. I look forward to more sessions in the future.”

Laura Timbrook NBC-HWC
Employee Wellness for Manufacturing

"Cindy helped me write my first book. Working with Cindy is always a pleasure and joy, she is direct and to the point and very focused. She also likes to have fun. Cindy is very positive and has so much energy and passion for her work."

Samantha Dench
Owner & Licensed Esthetician, Skin Deep

"Cindy was generous with her time to provide constructive and positive feedback. She’s a good listener, knowledgeable on various aspects, and works diligently to meet time and budget constraints. Our experience in partnering with Cindy was a positive one and we do not hesitate to recommend her."

Leen Ghandour Hillas
Founder, Principal
Group Insurance Benefits

“Cindy shines that needed light on Mental Health as she shares her personal struggles, including her road to well-being. Cindy is that friend next door creating a safe and friendly bridge of confidence connecting her audience to critical professional resources that are readily available to everyone.”  

Barbara Baron, MS, RDN, CDN, FAND,
The Family Meals Dietitian,
Barbara Baron Nutrition